What we do

We contribute Technical Skills to projects which require imaging, sensing, illumination at any stage of the lifecycle

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Imaging Technology

How we do it

We work with companies, research establishments and partners to achieve success - have a look at our Case Studies.

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Imaging Technologies

Where we do it

We operate in many market sectors - Medical Device Companies, BioTech, Food, AgriTech, Security, Automotive and more.

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Systems design and analysis

Other services

Regulatory support, Test House preparation, Documentation and Technical Writing, Analysis, Requirements Gathering, Specification Writing

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About us

Imaging expertise

We are a fast-growing SME based in London. Our team are experts in imaging, sensing, motion control and sytems design, and we work across many industry sectors to develop imaging systems. In particular, in Medical Devices, BioTech and Life Sciences, as well as other sectors where the quality of the image is all important. We help businesses exploit the benefits of using photonics to not only illuminate, but to measure, sense, image, identify and diagnose.

Our multi-disciplinary team can creatively problem-solve, communicate, and work with you to add photonics-based tools to your options when looking for solutions to difficult problems.

CONTACT US - Interested in optoelectronics, visible / IR camera systems, laser / oscillator technology, embedded real-time processing, X-ray systems ? We're happy to discuss any potential project - large or small - or to talk with you about technical or design-led workshops. Call on +44 (0)7747 612047 to speak to Phil or Pauline, or email us at

10 reasons ....

  1. Our experts lead in their field
  2. We laterally solve technical problems
  3. We develop Imaging systems for Medical Devices
  4. We do Regulatory Gap Analysis for Medical Devices
  5. We are product independent
  6. We work with industry and research organisations
  7. We are experienced in funding applications
  8. We’ve worked in companies like yours
  9. We collaborate on leading edge projects
  10. We work from the sub-micro to the macro

Latest Posts

Chest X-ray

Issues at Clinical Trial Stage

Medical Product in Repeat Failure Mode

X-ray images

Prototype Testing

From Spin-Off Idea To Mainstream Product

Imaging Analysis

Design Journey - Concept to Product Release

Highly Constrained Brief to New Product

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image analysis

Quantum Technologies Showcase

Squeezed light was amongst the exciting new technologies from the Quantum Technologies Hub at the University of Birmingham

leading Medical Device Conference

MediSens 2016

The recent MediSens conference provided a great way to talk to clinicians and hear from end users of Medical Device products. We're already looking forward to MediSens 2018!

imaging technologies

Future Photonics Hub Industry Day

Unitive design is indirectly a product of the what is now the UK Future Photonics Hub. It was great to catch up on the latest technology from the hub.

image technology


UDA spent a fascinating day with the University of Southampton's Institute for Life Sciences team at the recent FortisNet event

medical imaging expertise


Our Director, Dr Phil Marsden, was delighted to be appointed to the Advisory Board for MediSens and is looking forward to contributing ideas for the conference agenda in 2018.

image specialists

Our new home in Canary Wharf

We moved into our first lab and office space in London. We have the spectroscopic tools, radiation sources, detectors and test tools for your task.


Quantum Technologies

Since the seminal papers of Deutsch and Shor there has been a huge effort to tame the quantum world. Technology is finally beginning to emerge.


Twisted light beams

Twisted light, high order modes and orbital angular momentum of light in real applications for imaging, information carrying and optical manipulation.


Perfect Photodetection

If there is one thing that, as a community, we want it is the perfect imager and the perfect detector. Researchers in Espoo think they have something.