We provide photonics and machine vision expertise to businesses from MedTech to BioTech, Automotive to AgriTech.


UDA help companies get their products to market. At the design stage we contribute our end user knowledge, during development we help fix problems, at the prototype stage we help to get the whole package into shape before testing, and that means Medical Devices regulatory requirements. In our Case Study ‘Medical Device Analysis & Design’ we describe how we worked with a MedTech company to stabilise a product in clinical testing by analysing the problems, implementing solutions, and getting the product to IEC 62304 regulatory standards

We understand imaging and illumination in Medical Devices

MedTech Imaging

Life Sciences & Healthcare

We collaborate with research organisations and provide services for companies. We work with you to find ways to solve hard problems. That might be a technical problem or a market-readiness problem. An example is our work on a large hospital imaging instrument which hadn't been designed with the necessary regulations or standards in mind (ISO 13485 process and IEC 60601-1). We got involved in writing system definition requirements, reverse engineering documentation, debugging software

UDA work with Biotech and Life Sciences companies on sensors, imaging and systems.

BioTech Imaging

AgriTech and Food Processing

Sensors are increasingly being used in agriculture and food processing - for early detection of issues for example with soil or crops, for detection of micro contaminants, in applications which require sensors, imagers, machine vision

UDA understand the practical, pragmatic nature of this sector. Solutions must be robust, economical, and value driven

AgriTech Imaging

Automotive, Security, Military, Oil & Gas

There is an increasing awareness of the benefits delivered through photonics. From HUDs, to Night Vision to Weld Inspection. Scientists are constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver greater levels of sensitivity, performance and miniaturisation.

Talk to us about what is possible. From single photon counting to superior imaging. Make sure you are prepared to take advantage of what is already possible, as well as breakthrough technologies. We can run workshops, deliver presentations, or simply join your team for technical discussions

System design