Technical Capabilities & Services

Sensing, imaging, illumination, optoelectronics, motion control - from photon-counting to large-scale imaging systems

Medical Imaging and Sensing

We get involved in projects at all stages from requirements gathering to market-readiness.

* System Design Review from User Requirements

* Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

* System Testing (Test Protocol, Test Plans, Automated Test programme)

* System projects design input for Product Development

* Component search, validation and testing

We have expertise in manipulating, obstructing, controlling light waves and particles.

Let us talk to you about finding the right solution.



Sensitivity and resolution within Medical Imaging have been advancing steadily as technologies develop. The onus regularly oscillates between the two as new medical techniques demand image quality and safety demands dose reduction. X-ray imaging, CT, Molecular imaging, imaging in nuclear medicine, MRI, and PET - imaging technologies which help medical science deliver better, more effective treatment and surgery, demanding the latest technology and techniques. New challenges include consolidation, hyperspectral and multi-dimensional information gathering – multimodal imaging solutions. Our team are steeped in medical device imaging and we know how to get the best possible image quality from today's technology

UDA can work with you to design imaging devices, to develop applications, to construct systems - to produce exceptional quality images whatever the business

Imaging sensitivity

Technical Design

What? Development projects without complete design history files? Designing without user specifications? We can’t count the number of times …. but don’t get us wrong, we’re not judging. In fact, we know only too well the pressures and demands of running a project and we sympathise. However, if it doesn’t get sorted it’s never getting to the Test House. We can help – by getting involved at the start and working with you to implement a top down-bottom up documentation process which won’t cause all your developers to mutiny – or later on when you need to pull it all together

We’ve been there, done it and can give practical and hands-on support

Technical Design

Analytical Approach

It’s sad but true – few of us are creative communicative scientific mathematical geniuses. Brainstorming works because more minds can break problems down, create new solutions, even suggest whole new approaches. Sometimes it just means asking different questions. UDA are calm in a crisis and we enjoy problem solving and dissecting an enigma – especially if it involves optoelectronics, or imaging issues, or losing photons

We have a great track record of delivering results from a cool appraisal and a creative analysis – and we always involve the team, all the way

Technical Analysis