Case Studies

Troubleshooting a 'red flagged' project
Medical Device

Rapid Problem Solving at Clinical Trial

UDA were contracted when the product was in pre-release. A significant amount of user feedback was generating a huge issue list. The situation needed to be turned-around before the clinicians lost confidence but in-house resources were stretched. UDA became part of the team. Rapidly up-to-speed we instigated new systems for response and stability.

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Re-engineering a prototype
Design History File

Driving Prototype to Manufacture

The client had instigated a 'rapid concept' prototype. Although it was generating interest they needed to prove it could be viable to gain the stakeholder investment and valuable resources needed to take it to market. UDA were asked to align the prototype with the design, ensure documentation was in place, and manage the verification and validation process.

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Customised test equipment

Developing automated test equipment

UDA were given a design brief to design, develop and manufacture a unit to test highly sensitive X-ray detectors against a pre-set list of parameters. The test system needed to be automated, noise-free and able to measure parameters in a variety of environmental conditions. This project required the skills of our electronics, mechanical and imaging specialists.

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New sub-system development
Surgical devices

Take a brief and deliver a product

The "classic" design brief: new sub-system required to replace technology that went obsolete yesterday. No time, no budget, no contingency. It also has to fit into the same, restricted volume, be powered by the same supply and communicate in the same way. Time for a detailed gap analysis. Find the shortest, fastest, compliant and economic route to market.

Test, fix, verify

Disassembling the product core

The product has passed through customer prototype evaluation and is already in the process of being transferred to manufacturing. All is going well until a trial customer stumbles across a well-hidden failure mode. A second customer is right behind. The product needs a bug fix - yesterday - and the resources are just not available to pick the task.

Quality validation
Simulation and Analysis

Check, verify, qualify, validate

The specifications say that the product does X with a precision of Y. There's a document somewhere to prove it. Somebody did a calculation. Did anyone verify or validate the calculation? We re-calculated, simulated and compared to publications for other devices. We discovered that the error was only 10% in this case, but who knew? Errors impact customers.

Data integrity and security

The Internet of Things

The pressure to maintain data integrity and security in the Internet of Things is becoming greater and greater. Moore's Law gives us more data, faster. Testing needs to keep up. In an all-software system there are well-defined rules and tools. In a mixed hardware / software system this takes great planning and a serious, strategic, targeted approach to testing.