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Providing Photonics and Machine Vision Expertise to Industry - MedTech, BioTech, Science, Aerospace, AgriTech

Medical Imaging

Point of Care diagnosis and innovation in multimodal imaging are key growth areas and increasingly important for a future based on individual needs and early diagnosis.

UDA help Medical Device companies get their products to market. At the design stage we contribute our end user knowledge, during development we help fix problems, at the prototype stage we work to get the whole package into shape before testing - which may include a gap analysis for regulatory requirements. A recent project required us to get a pre-clinical imaging instrument, requiring ISO 13485 process and IEC 60601-1 conformity, ready for the next stage.

We work with CT, PET, SPECT, MEG, Nuclear Imaging, X-ray imaging - and we innovate intelligent imaging systems

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MedTech Imaging

Life Sciences & Healthcare

In the rapidly growing Life Sciences sector imaging is both challenging and critical. Finding ways to meet the clients' needs can be complex.

We understand the difficulties - for example, live cell damage from light. This is an area where innovation and leading edge technologies are in demand. We bring a great track record of innovation - and a focus based on listening to the end user.

UDA work with Biotech and Life Sciences companies, and research organisations, to design systems based on sensors, imaging, detection, and sensing.

BioTech Imaging


Sensors are increasingly important in agriculture. Used for early detection of issues with soil or crops, hyperspectral imaging is providing increasingly useful information to farmers. Value for money is a key driver in this sector. Developing practical, robust, easy to use, resilient devices is essential.

Mounted on drones, designed as in-situ or hand-held devices, many imaging and sensing applications are starting to deliver real value.

AgriTech Imaging

Food Processing

The Food and Drink Manufacturing sector is one of the most important to the UK economy. In food processing the increasingly global supply chain demands ever more stringent controls and levels of inspection to detect and prevent contamination. Such applications can require customised sensors, imagers, machine vision systems

We can work with manufacturers and members of the food sector supply chain to evaluate and select the most appropriate X-ray detection system - an increasingly key requirement for in-process manufacture and packaging.

BioTech Imaging


Requirements for light, monolithic, robust imaging and sensing systems are a critical element in the selection of applications in the aerospace industry. Pushing the boundaries in demanding greater levels of sensitivity, performance and miniaturisation. The UK is a critical supplier of components to this industry sector which is open to innovation and new design. UDA have some innovative technologies for this sector and would be happy to discuss these as part of an imaging component or application.

AgriTech Imaging


Companies, health care institutions and educational establishments are all becoming increasingly aware of the need for additional security both in terms of theft of user data and sabotage. Can user data be taken from your medical device without a detector alarm? What are the chances that data is not as secure as it should be? UDA can help by performing an analysis of medical imaging devices and providing recommendations.

Industry needs to increasingly be prepared to take advantage of what is already possible, as well as looking into breakthrough technologies. We can work with you to assess, facilitate workshops, analyse, and deliver recommendations.

System design