Professional contract services
from imaging systems design to testing & training

Systems Engineering

Whether you need a short term injection of know-how, specific imaging / detection / sensing expertise, or full involvement on a project, we have levels of seniority and experience to meet your needs. For in-house projects we bring our substantial experience in Engineering Management and Project Management to the table. A rigorous systems engineering approach mitigates many risks and access to a multi-skilled team with over 40 years in systems engineering contributes great problem-solving capabilities. Our systematic approach to efficient product development is based on experience and an exemplary track record.


Flexible, communicative, collaborative approach

Commitment to Quality

Compliance and regulatory expertise

Focused on the best outcome

Commitment to innovation

  • Project Management
  • Systems Architecture
  • Early Stage Design
  • Market Requirements
  • System Design & Development
  • Testing Services
  • Verification & Validation Services
  • Regulatory and compliance know-how
  • Solid experience in integrated technologies, complex, adaptable and resilient systems.

Bespoke Training and Workshops

Individual training courses developed and delivered. Topics cover imaging systems, instrumentation and optical correction. We spend time with you discussing the outcome so that we can devise the right content to meet your needs. Our experienced team can also facilitate workshops and creative thinking or problem-solving sessions.

  • Technical training courses individually designed to meet specific needs
  • Delivered by experts with many years of experience
  • Includes hands-on problem solving exercises
  • Innovation Workshops for Universities and Research Establishments
Imaging sensitivity

Technical Feasibility Studies

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of producing practical, realistic, market-focused technical feasibility studies. It's a well-known fact that many companies fail to capitalise on innovation. Despite the fact that there are complex reasons why an innovation may never make it to market, mitigating the risk is critical. A fully thought-through independent insight can be invaluable. We work with you to understand your technology and then use our market analytic skills, our know-how of industry sectors, and research of end user needs, to deliver Feasibility Studies to support your decision-making.

  • Our customers are manufacturers, designers, universities, research establishments
  • Analysis of commercial potential
  • Competitive gap analysis
  • Product analysis
  • Road-mapping and recommendations
Technical Design

Focus on end user needs

Projects across the entire product life cycle

Best Practice

Commercial considerations

Relentless commitment to the right solution

Device Testing and Evaluation

Our team have the skills to evaluate imaging and sensing devices and instrumentation, measuring and reporting performance under select conditions to inform a competitive analysis, or provide internal product performance metrics.

  • Testing optical devices and instrumentation
  • A London-based lab for testing imaging systems
  • Development of bespoke automated testing systems
  • Evaluation for performance and against needs
Technical Analysis