Our Team

Dr Phil Marsden Managing Director

After 12 years in academia, a PhD in physics and a foray into entangled photon sources, Phil has spent last 12 years in industry in the motion picture and MedTech sectors, in 5 countries and three continents.

He formed Unitive Design & Analysis to bring high end science in imaging and sensing systems to leading edge business.

He is a long term member of the IOP and the IEEE and sits on several committees and advisory boards, including Medical Physics Group of the IOP.

Kevin Dowton Senior Engineer

Following an early career in the aerospace industry and spell working for a UK-based electronics company in Sydney, Kevin developed an interest in film which drew him to London and Los Angeles where he worked on major projects in the motion picture industry.

He was instrumental in developing state of the art film scanners, on which he is a known expert. His interests include, motion control systems, glass technology, servo-controlled light sources, and photon-counting detectors in the MedTech sector.

Pauline Brown Business Architect

Pauline has 20 years of experience in innovative, blue chip organisations. Starting in software development, she progressed to product and service management for some of the worlds most successful software development companies, and has been involved with many developments and product launches.

She has managed multi-disciplinary, multi-organisational European and global teams, and prior to joining UDA was managing UK Operations for a global Medical Device Manufacturing company.

Robert Platten Physicist

Robert is a recent graduate, having studied Physics at university. Through his university career, he has had to use Python for both simulations and hardware control for experiments. He joins the team with past experience in the commercial development of radiation detectors, particularly for gamma and X-ray sources.

Robert is currently studying for his Engineering Doctorate at the Department of Biochemical Engineering at University College London, sponsored by Unitive Design and Analysis Ltd.