Technical Offering

Technical Skillbase

At the end of the day, the Unitive team use their skills to solve real world problems which can be addressed with the latest technology in a well-thought-out, well qualified and carefully risk managed fashion. However, if you want to know what we are capable of, here is a short list of our technical expertise:

  • Cameras - CMOS, sCMOS, CCD, EMCCD, intensifiers
  • Detectors - ionising radiation, optical, thermal, RF
  • Electronics - low noise, high speed, analogue, digital, firmware integration
  • Optical design - Visible, NIR, MIR, FIR, THz
  • Optical metrology - single photon counting, photon statistics, physical limits of detection
  • Firmware - wide range of ARM microcontrollers (both hard and soft core) + PICs
  • Coding - C, C++, opython, MATLAB, perl, Assembler (mostly embedded)
  • Digital logic - FPGA, CPLD, soft-core microprocessor interfacing, VHDL, verilog, Xilinx, Intel
  • Lasers - visible, NIR, diode, high-power, non-linear conversion
  • All with designed-in safety and efficacy for medical device, in-vitro devices, broadcast, consumer